Advancing sustainable practice in the South African roads sector
  Oct 16, 2019     News, waste, South Africa, presentation, Construction and demolition waste, waste sector desk

The paper Advancing sustainable practice: Finding a common voice and approach to sustainability for the South African roads sector (by Manfred Uken, Gerard van Weele and Kirsten Barnes) was presented by Kirsten Barnes (GreenCape Waste Economy Analyst) at the recent Conference for Asphalt Pavements for southern Africa (CAPSA); 13 – 16 October 2019. The aim of CAPSA is the dissemination of knowledge and the exchange of ideas with an emphasis on road building and maintenance in southern Africa. Here is a link to all the accepted 2019 papers.

Among other important topics relating to sustainability in the South African roads sector, the paper touches on how a green road network can be developed by applying principles throughout the road implementation process:

  • resource-sufficiency and resource-efficiency in energy, materials and water use
  • cost-effectiveness and assessment of economy-wide value
  • environmental protection
  • social sustainability

You can download the presentation outline here. Please contact Kirsten (email in presentation) for more information.

A resolution was made, based on all the sustainability conversations at the conference: "CAPSA mandates the Sustainable Roads Forum (SuRF), or a body like it - to be decided at the RPF – to facilitate industry-wide conversation on the process needed to embed sustainability (social, economic and environmental) in the roads industry in SA." 

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In the photo (Green Procurement Session): Zaandre Bredenkamp, Wynand Nortje, Antonia Mazibuko, Chantal Rudman and Kirsten Barnes.