Case Study: Diverting Organic Waste from Landfill in Shopping Centres
  May 7, 2020     News, Library, Document, general, waste, GreenCape, South Africa, Cape Town, recycling, green economy, organic waste, Case Study, waste sector desk

GreenCape has published a waste economy case study showcasing how the V&A Waterfront has been able to divert ~2000 tonnes of waste per annum and avert ~4147 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per annum.

The V&A Waterfront were able to make these savings via a number of strategic interventions which included:

  • Source separation: Tenants issued with waste bins for each waste stream, including glass, cardboard, food waste, mixed recyclables and landfill waste.
  • A waste tariff structure for tenants introduced to incentivise separation at source, especially organic waste.
  • Tenant education programme;
  • Green lease: Incorporating several green principles, including a commitment to recycling and separation of waste at source.
  • Using data analytics: An “eco-intelligence dashboard” provides the V&A Waterfront with on-demand, real-time carbon, water, energy and waste data.
  • On-site recovery;
  • On-site waste management;
  • Recycling rebates.

Through significant investment in infrastructure, an innovative approach to tenant agreements and tariffs, and a long-term vision, the V&A Waterfront has diverted over 11 000 tonnes of waste from landfill over the past 5 years, reducing associated waste disposal costs by as much as 36%.

To read the full case study, click here.