Get to know the team: Matjaka Ketsi
  May 31, 2022     News, Library, Document, waste, biowaste, organic waste, Case Study, waste sector desk, Bioeconomy, Circular Economy

Get to know our new Energy Analyst, Matjaka ketsi

What is your background expertise and how does it relate to your role here at GreenCape?

My background is in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, with a strong focus on Renewable Energy, ICT, and project management. My role is an energy analyst, inclined more towards the technical side, and would help leverage off my technical background to provide informed insights in analyzing what the market is offering. These include emerging opportunities and trends, when/how municipalities can participate renewable energy economy considering different contexts and willingness, tariff structures and technical requirements, and basically summoning everything I know and have been taught to contribute with my team to facilitate this support.

What has been your favourite thing about GreenCape so far?

My favourite thing about GreenCape so far is the problem-solving methodology is a sight to behold, especially observing – and yes participating, on an industry scale, paired with the nature of the stakeholder engagement and interaction. You basically just can’t help but smile in awe! There is this amazing open line of communication – with e-v-e-r-yone - it gives one an inspired sense of belonging and drive. Finally interacting with driven, insightful and deeply considerate Greencapers. In short, it is one of those phenomena you have to experience to understand.

What project have you been working on as you start your role here at GreenCape?

I work a lot with Johan, which has been great with orienting me on the low down and the up highs. In general, there are 4 projects, The first project is the Mpumalanga GIZ project; Understanding the Wheeling and SSEG framework and study through how it has been applied – and what our support looked like, in parallel to this working towards building relationships with key technical stakeholder representatives in the various Mpumalanga municipalities. The second has been the CoCT Smart Energy Project – a more study-based approach. And along side these was support for the energy hub – where we had really exciting brainstorming session between the city and installers.

Why do you do what you do?

Answer: In one’s desire to make a difference, especially in the growing green economy, there are at times multitudes of limitation and brick walls faced in implementing amazing sustainable solutions – understanding also it’s a bit of a paradigm shift.  So now I am presented with an opportunity that can enable one to break-down some of these barriers, to provide strategic insights on emerging market opportunities – considering technical, regulatory, policy induced dimensions to “Drive” impact. And mostly that now I get to look at it from a very holistic practical perspective because you get to interact with key players, working towards inclusive participation in all aspects.  It’s actually even more why I am compelled to keep doing it.

What impact do you hope to achieve?

Building lasting relationships and good work

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I have noticed of late I am perpetually on my laptop – and would completely understand if it insisted it needs some time apart.

Two truths and one lie – (your guess)

  • I am an only child
  • I have 5 monitors
  • Stairs fascinate me