Municipal Brief: Smart water systems
  Jan 24, 2022     News, Library, Document, water, GreenCape, South Africa, greentech, green economy, Industry Brief, water sector desk, water for sustainable economic development, Non-revenue water reduction

Smart systems are sensorbased networks that enable the automatic collection, mining and analysis of data for intelligent, real time decision making and faster reaction times.

GreenCape, in partnership with the Western Cape Government's Depratment of Economic Development & Tourism, has published a municipal brief looking at smart water systems.

This brief is intended for municipalities that are interested in exploring smart systems for improved water management.

It covers the following:

  1. What are smart water systems?
  2. Case study examples of municipal smart water systems.
  3. When do smart systems make sense?
  4. Spotlight on smart water metering: Costs and benefits.
  5. Useful resources for funding and support.

To access the brief, click here.