Sustainable transport

GreenCape’s work in this space

As part of our wider mandate to support the growth of the green economy, we are now doing work looking at the sustainable transport sector. We aim to find alternative and sustainable energy solutions to conventional transport fuel. This results in efficient and low carbon transport systems.

A large portion of our efforts has focused on the emerging market of electric vehicles (EV) and energy storage. We see this market as a major contributor to a sustainable transport sector and therefore the economic growth path. Our objective is to see investments and industry activity being leveraged in the Western Cape and the rest of South Africa through this market.

Our efforts are, however, not limited to EVs. We have expanded our scope to look at opportunities in fuel cells, compressed natural gas (CNG) and biogas. All the knowledge and insight in this space is developed through continuous engagement with key stakeholders in government, industry and academia.

Market Intelligence

South Africa’s automotive industry has seen increasing investments over the years making it a notable contributor to the country’s GDP and a high labour absorptive sector. The EV market intelligence report identifies automotive investment opportunities that have the potential to further enhance SA’s automotive manufacturing industry.

The report is aimed at investors and businesses who are currently active or interested in SA’s nascent EV market. It’s a consolidated document that takes stock of the countries EV market. The report identifies market opportunities, drivers and barriers to said opportunities. It also gives an overview of policies and legislation in the transport space and the general green economy.

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