The City of Cape Town, assisted by GreenCape, is seeking quotes for the procurement of Safety Reflective Bibs for distribution to cyclists from lower income areas to improve visibility. Read more

SEED, in cooperation with SWITCH-Africa Green, is hosting a SAG-SEED SEA Starter workshop in Cape Town for future Entrepreneurs with business ideas in Eco-inclusive field. Read more

On 19 January 2018 the City of Cape Town released a request for ideas (RFI) to the marketplace on how the City can make use of digital technology and data… Read more

The Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme (WISP), a free facilitation service to companies, has been selected as runner-up in the Circular Economy: Public Sector award of The Circulars 2018. Read more

Buildings currently consume over 40% of the world’s energy and emit more carbon dioxide than cars thus there is a global surge towards designing greener – and more cost effective - buildings and cities.

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As the regulatory environment and infrastructure improve in South Africa many opportunities exist for foreign investors across a broad range of sectors. Read more

According to Jorgen Randers, leading economist and professor of climate strategy at the BI Norwegian Business School, although the technologies exist and the costs to do so are not exorbitant, the world’s leaders are incapable of taking the necessary action to secure a more sustainable future for human civilisation.

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South African cities have the potential to be the first truly “smart” cities on the African continent and develop significant competitive advantage in this regard, if the conversation starts now. According to David Bartlett, head of IBM’s Smarter Buildings initiative, there is a global urgency to create smarter cities, corporate buildings and campuses.

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GreenCape is pleased to share with you our first newsletter of the year, with all the latest in renewable energies, industry updates and upcoming conferences and events. 

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Designation of further products for Local Procurement in the Public Sector Procurement System DTI released this media statement 29 January. Read the full statement here. Read more