GreenCape is a learning organisation

  • We invest time and effort to build a helpful, professional, practical and knowledgeable team, so that we can give the best possible support businesses and investors in the green economy.
  • We identify potential with a long term view and recruit people who are talented, resilient, willing to learn from others, and who are able to self-lead.
  • We develop our people to be exceptional – by giving them the opportunity to flourish and develop, while nurturing their talent.
  • We offer a vibrant and enquiring learning environment, with frequent training and brown bag sessions.

GreenCape practices kindness, empathy and inclusivity

  • Being a socially conscious team, many GreenCape team members volunteer their time outside of work.
  • We have one community outreach activity every quarter where we all give back our time and skills.
  • We also practice what we preach and are proud about our recycling rate of over 80% of our waste.

The GreenCape model

For more on how we work, what has led to our success and the potential replicability of GreenCape’s model.

GreenCape’s Model for Regional Economic Development Case Study
GreenCape’s Model for Regional Economic Development Appendix

Market intelligence reports (MIRs)

Our market intelligence reports informs investors of changes and developments within South African sectors. It highlights the composition of the market, discusses key players, market size and noteworthy trends, and then covers the main guiding policies and legislation in the renewable energy space, before exploring opportunities, incentives and barriers within the sectors.

Download: Market intelligence reports