Our outreach work

GreenCape engages internally and externally, with local community-based organizations (CBOs) and

Three principles underpin our sustainable social initiatives at GreenCape:

  • Contributing our skills and time to community initiatives that are sustainable and empowering.
  • Adhering to sustainability principles internally, through our Waste@Home programme, procurement practices and energy efficiency measures.
  • Behaving ethically and fairly in interactions with stakeholders, surrounding community and people.

Youth tutoring

Some members of the GreenCape team are currently working with the IkamvaYouth programme in Atlantis. The team volunteer their time to tutor high school learners from Atlantis. For further information on the IkamvaYouth programme, please visit their website here.

We look forward to collaborating with other organisations who are dedicated to promoting inclusive and sustainable communities. If you are interested in collaborating with GreenCape, please contact the communications team.

Waste@Work Programme

We are committed to recycling our waste and diverting waste at GreenCape in an environmentally friendly manner. With a target to recycle 80% of our waste, our Waste@Home programme makes a conscious impact on our office footprint.

We are very proud of the fact that we have, for the past 18 months, recycled more than 80% of all our waste. Please view our latest Waste@Work report here.

Energy@Work Programme

We are committed to reducing our energy use waste at GreenCape. By tracking our monthly energy use we are making a conscious impact on our office footprint. Please view our latest Energy@Work report here.

Water@Work Programme

We are committed to reducing our water use at GreenCape. We have retrofitted our bathrooms with waterless urinals and tap aerators. We also have permission toilets in each bathroom. In this way we have made a conscious impact on our office footprint. Please view our latest Water@Work report here.

The GreenCape model

For more on how we work, what has led to our success and the potential replicability of GreenCape’s model.

GreenCape’s Model for Regional Economic Development Case Study
GreenCape’s Model for Regional Economic Development Appendix

Market intelligence reports (MIRs)

Our market intelligence reports informs investors of changes and developments within South African sectors. It highlights the composition of the market, discusses key players, market size and noteworthy trends, and then covers the main guiding policies and legislation in the renewable energy space, before exploring opportunities, incentives and barriers within the sectors.

Download: Market intelligence reports