The renewable energy sector aims to support the growth of the large scale renewable energy sector, from project developers, equipment suppliers, technical advisors to financiers. The aim, in line with GreenCape’s objectives, is to attract investment into South Africa as well as the creation of jobs – primarily in the manufacturing sector.

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Jack Radmore
Energy Programme Manager and Green Finance Lead

GreenCape’s Energy Programme

GreenCape’s Energy Programme comprises of interrelated sector desks and units. The team’s mission is to build long term partnerships with the energy industry, investors and governments to stimulate a just energy future in Africa.

The team includes experts on energy services, utility scale renewable energy, sustainable mobility, storage and bio-energy. GreenCape’s Alternativer Service Delivery Unit is increasibly cross-sectoral, and has its origin in the energy programme.

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Energy Services
Utility-scale Renewable Energy
Sustainable Mobility
Alternative Service Delivery Unit

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