Alternative Water Installation Training
  Sep 11, 2019     water sector desk, courses, green economy, presentation, education, skills development, training, Cape Town, water, GreenCape, event, News, Document

Cape Town has experienced a multi-year drought, and many residents and businesses have started using alternative water sources and will continue to do so. The significant increase in installation of alternative water systems needs to be managed and regulated, as there are potentially serious health and environmental risks, including contamination of drinking water supply. The City of Cape Town produced guidelines to assist with safe and legal installation and use of alternative water which include the following: greywater, rainwater, groundwater from boreholes, well points springs, surface water from streams/rivers and treated as well as basement water.

The guidelines are aimed at smaller scale systems in homes and businesses, which are usually intended for permanent or seasonal/temporary usage. The guidelines do not fully address the more complex systems for the larger users like the industrial sector.

On the 28th of May 2019 the City of Cape Town hosted the Alternative Water Installation Training and we had 70 plumbers in attendance. The training was in response to the City of Cape’s new Alternative Water Installation Guidelines. The guideline stipulates cautionary measures to ensure safe drinking water. Therefore, it is important that alternative water installations are installed correctly and according to the requirements of the By-law and other relevant legislation.

The alternative water installation training developed in this project aimed to equip qualified plumbers with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely install alternative water supply to residents in Cape Town.  

Check out the City of Cape Town's summary guidelines, here.

Check out the alternative water installation training presentation, here.