Case study: Greening technology for mushroom cultivation
  Apr 16, 2021     News, Library, Document, Global Resilient Cities Network, agriculture, sustainable agriculture, GreenCape, Cape Town, greentech, green economy, Case Study

GreenCape, supported by the City of Cape Town, has published a case study titled: Green Economy Enterprise Development and Investment - Greening technology for mushroom cultivation.

This case study highlights the application of a green technology solution for urban food production in Cape Town.

It outlines insights from a local company, Mushroom Guru (Pty) Ltd, which cultivates medicinal mushrooms using indoor vertical farming technology. 

This case study illustrates that:

  • Investment in green technology enables intensive and resource efficient production of niche produce such as mushrooms in the urban context.
  • Urban agriculture can contribute to reducing food loss and waste and enable the transition to a circular economy.
  • Training provided to small scale growers can enable initial, and secure ongoing, market access.

To access it, for free, click here.