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User guide: Mpumalanga policy discussion map

26 April 2024

User guide: Mpumalanga policy discussion map

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About the map

The Mpumalanga Policy Discussion Map serves as a platform to foster dialogue surrounding critical considerations for a Just Energy Transition within the province, particularly within the energy sector. The map offers two primary functionalities:

  1. Policy insights: Policy makers can utilize the map to visually assess regions most affected by the Just Energy Transition by selecting specific layer features pertaining to the carbon economy.
  2. Renewable energy pre-assessment: Renewable energy companies can conduct initial evaluations of potential development sites by selecting layer features relevant to project implementation.

Pre-defined scenarios tailored to these use-cases are provided, though the map remains accessible to the public for diverse applications. Users are encouraged to review the terms of use and manual, available for download below. The development of this map was made possible through collaboration with the Royal Danish Embassy.


Click on map to navigate

Click on map to navigate