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1 November 2022

In partnership with the City of Cape Town, GreenCape is piloting the first Green Economy Awareness for Decision Makers workshop series. This workshop series aims to assist in accelerating green economic innovation and growth.

Often government officials are inundated with opportunities to impact the green economy, but decision makers are not always aware of the latest innovations, and at times are faced with unfamiliar obstacles in implementing these. Hence there is an opportunity to assist decision makers so that they may be supportive and active in removing barriers to green economic growth. 

The series begins with a generalist module, which provides an introduction to green economy principles and presents an argument for how the green economy can address the pressing economic and social challenges faced by South Africans.

The series also includes specialist modules for those interested in further study. These will focus on three key green economy sectors namely water, energy and waste (with circular economy principles).

Each module is expected to have both facilitated knowledge sharing (anticipated to be 0.5 day-sessions) and self-study components.

The workshops are FREE, but this pilot series can only accommodate 100 delegates, with the majority of seats reserved for government officials. If you want to attend you should RSVP soonest to reserve your place.