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18 October 2016

GreenCape’s work in this space

GreenCape’s Water Sector Desk serves as a platform for the industry to access relevant information, source assistance in overcoming barriers, and connect to other stakeholders. This facilitation and networking role aims to improve the outcomes for green businesses working in the water sector, thereby increasing the availability and quality of water for all users in the Western Cape. 

For questions or queries, or to access GreenCape’s services contact our Water Sector Desk: [email protected]

Market intelligence

GreenCape’s Water Sector Market Intelligence Report highlights business opportunities for water in the green economy in the Western Cape. It targets investors and entrepreneurs interested in the business of water, and seeks to promote the Western Cape as the leading place to do business in the green economy.

Opportunities: fast facts

This year’s report emphasises the need for long-term water security and its associated investment opportunities by providing a more detailed analysis of two key urban markets: industrial companies and municipalities. The report focuses on opportunities for water efficiency, water reuse and resource recovery in these key urban water markets by applying sustainable development and circular economy principles to the water sector.