TOR: Alternative Water Installation Training: Request for Service Provider
  Dec 10, 2018     News, water, Cape Town, RFP, training, skills development, presentation, RFQ, water sector desk

NOTE: Proposal deadline extended until 18 January 2018

Cape Town has experienced a multi-year drought, and many residents and businesses have started using alternative water sources and will continue to do so. The significant increase in installation of alternative water systems needs to be managed and regulated, as there are potentially serious health and environmental risks, including contamination of drinking water supply. The City of Cape Town produced guidelines to assist with safe and legal installation and use of alternative water which include the following: greywater, rainwater, groundwater from boreholes, well points springs, surface water from streams/rivers and treated as well as basement water.

GreenCape seeks to appoint a service provider to assist in the development of a plumber-focused training session which will detail the safe installation of alternative water Installations. The guidelines developed by the City’s Water By-law will form the basis for the training, but these guidelines will need to be supplemented with foundational knowledge, practical examples and best practice from across the world.

The objective of the training is twofold: a) to up-skill qualified plumbers with the necessary knowledge to comply with the City’s guidelines and Water By-law requirements, b) providing information on installation best practice. The training aims to build on existing knowledge and expertise with key theoretical and practical concepts and safety guidance. The outline for the training should include:

  • City of Cape Town guidelines for alternative water and City’s By-laws
  • Understanding alternative water sources
  • Appropriate uses for alternative water and quality standards
  • Registration and authorisation for various alternative water resources and systems
  • Storage of alternative water
  • Discharge of alternative water
  • Design, installation and maintenance of:
    • Rainwater harvesting systems
    • Groundwater systems
    • Greywater systems
    • Treated effluent use from wastewater treatment plants
  • Labelling and colour codes for pipes
  • Signage

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Electronic proposal submission to Lindiwe van Staden ( as well as any queries on the project or proposal requirements.

All proposals to be received by the 18 January 2018.