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9 April 2024

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Request for quotation

GreenCape requires a service provider to support us on a graphic design retainer for 12 months for the GreenCape corporate brand. Interested organisations and agencies are invited to submit quotations to undertake this work.

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Project background

GreenCape requires ad hoc monthly design support for website graphics, business cards, advertorials, newsletter graphics, social media graphics, corporate communication documents (including brochures and presentations) etc. The brand ID, icons and templates are already established, with a design application guide (attached).

Scope of work

Please supply a quote for 10 hours per month x 12 months, with flexibility to roll-over hours should there be some months with more or less time required. Please factor in a monthly 30-minute status report meeting. As part of this project, we require a design agency to develop the design content with the GreenCape communications team.

Date of delivery

Ongoing for 12 months (April 2024 – March 2025).

Submission requirements

Interested organisations are invited to submit a quote for the outlined scope of work that should include the following:

  1. Quotation for the work, broken down by cost per hour, totalled over 12 months
  2. Company profile and portfolio, indicating previous projects with similar requirements
  3. Tax Clearance Certificate
  4. Company Registration Certificate
  5. Declaration of Interest
  6. BEE credentials with certificate or affidavit as relevant
  7. Signed declaration of conflict of interest (Annexure B of the document)

Please email the above documentation to [email protected] by 16 April 2024 using the reference: GC_design. Please note that a failure to submit any of the required documentation could result in the bidder being excluded from the tender process.

For any queries related to this RFQ, please email: [email protected]

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