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6 September 2013

The Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme, known as WISP, is one of many new projects here at GreenCape (see our projects tab for more information on all our projects).

WISP is a free facilitation service which uses an Industrial Symbiosis approach to enhance business profitability and sustainability. Industrial sysmbiosis is a resource efficiency approach where unused or residual resources (materials, energy, water, assets, logistics, expert knowledge) of one company is used by another. This results in mutual economic, social and environmental benefits.

WISP uses a unique facilitation approach to rapidly match member companies’ under utilised resources with those who can utilise them. WISP actively supports its members to realise these business opportunities.

For more on WISP, see the introductory “Connecting Industry Creating Opportunity” brochure.

WISP recently hosted it’s first synergy workshop, where over 41 companies participated to identify 316 under-utilised resources, which were then linked with companies who could recover, reprocess and re-use the resources. Over 590 potential matches were identified at this workshop! These synergies result in cost-savings, resource efficiency, and social and environmental benefits.  Click here for a more informative workshop summary.

To see industrial symbiosis in action in Cape Town, check out this case study from ACA Threads.

For more information on the WISP project, contact Joshua Wallace, or Sarah O’Carrol at [email protected] or 021 811 0250.

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