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27 October 2023


Established in 2010, GreenCape is a non-profit organisation that drives the widespread adoption of economically viable green economy solutions in South Africa. GreenCape works with businesses, investors, academia, and government to unlock the investment and employment potential of green technologies and services, and to support a transition to a resilient green economy. Our aim is to be globally relevant in driving the uptake of green economy infrastructure solutions in the developing world.

One of the current projects funded by the UK Pact (Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions), focuses on the development of 3 x energy market intelligence reports (MIRs) which provides potential investors in the energy services space with a greater understanding of market opportunities in South Africa, considering the size of the opportunities and the level of risk involved. The MIR is compiled for foreign and local investors (persons or organisations) looking to invest in the large-scale renewable energy market through project development, asset management, equity, debt, equipment manufacture, or support services.

As part of this project, GreenCape requires a service provider to:

  1. Design 3 x MIRs Reports – Approximately 20 pages designed.
  2. Restructure the current MIR landing page to integrate digital content – including sections of the energy MIRS with interactive functionality.

The service provider will work with the GreenCape communications team.

The expected start date for this work is 06 November 2023. Interested organisations are invited to submit quotations to undertake this work.

To access the full RFQ and bidding instructions, download the RFQ here.