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GreenCape was established in 2010 to support the growth of the green economy in the Western Cape and was established as a Special Purpose Vehicle to unlock the manufacturing and employment potential in the green economy. Our Vision is that the Western Cape will be the base for renewable energy in South Africa. Read more

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GreenCape has identified several sectors within the green economy to provide industry support. Our sector managers work to develop an ongoing understanding of the industry, all its relevant stakeholders, and its barriers to growth within the sector. Working groups are established to discuss challenges to growth and collaborate on solutions to overcome them. Read more

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By developing an understanding of the green economy, we work with industry to unlock barriers to growth, communicate barriers to government and relevant stakeholders, and provide ongoing information sharing and support. We strive to make the Western Cape an attractive destination for green investment. Read more

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GreenCape recently widened its scope to incorporate research projects, identified specifically from the challenges identified by our sector managers. Project teams are task oriented and work towards specific goals to solve a particular problem. Read more



21 Oct 2016 | WWF SA, GreenCape and the Centre of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies (CRSES) at Stellenbosh University will be hosting a half day workshop on Renewable Energy for industrial process heat in the agri-processing... read more

12 Oct 2016 | The winners for this year’s Energy Efficiency Forum Awards will be announced on the morning of 1 November 2016, as judged by UCT’s Energy Research Center. Well-known scenario planner, futurologist and author Clem Sunter... read more

7 Oct 2016 | The City of Cape Town has a Business Enquiry Service that provides support to entrepreneurs, startups and businesses.  The City Enquiry Service can help to: Connect you to a support organisation/programme, including financiers Access information... read more

6 Oct 2016 | The Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme (WISP), a programme of GreenCape funded by provincial government, set a new world record last week.   The programme, which matches companies to help them exchange underutilized resources (such... read more