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GreenCape was established in 2010 to support the growth of the green economy in the Western Cape and was established as a Special Purpose Vehicle to unlock the manufacturing and employment potential in the green economy. Our Vision is that the Western Cape will be the base for renewable energy in South Africa. Read more

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GreenCape has identified several sectors within the green economy to provide industry support. Our sector managers work to develop an ongoing understanding of the industry, all its relevant stakeholders, and its barriers to growth within the sector. Working groups are established to discuss challenges to growth and collaborate on solutions to overcome them. Read more

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By developing an understanding of the green economy, we work with industry to unlock barriers to growth, communicate barriers to government and relevant stakeholders, and provide ongoing information sharing and support. We strive to make the Western Cape an attractive destination for green investment. Read more

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GreenCape recently widened its scope to incorporate research projects, identified specifically from the challenges identified by our sector managers. Project teams are task oriented and work towards specific goals to solve a particular problem. Read more



25 Jun 2015 | On 26 June 2015, the Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille, will open and attend 110% Green’s Annual Event, a Synergy Day. The event is an opportunity for businesses in the province to connect... read more

22 Jun 2015 |                                                              ... read more

15 Jun 2015 | June 15th marks an international celebration of the power of wind it's many opportunities in the green economy. Our GreenCape team members Manfred Dutschke (Skills Development Practitioner for the South African Renewable Energy Technology... read more

15 Jun 2015 | On 16 June, IRENA is releasing the Global Atlas pocket, an app that enables anyone with a smart phone to prospect for renewable energy projects anywhere on the planet, for free. It is... read more